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What does PODRÓŻOZBIÓR mean?

Well, the truth is that when we have come up with our blog name, we didn’t really wish to translate it into English. Once we realised that it does make sense, we found out that literal translation is absolutely impossible. But, as there are no impossible things, let me explain you this complicated Polish word: Podróżozbiór is a compilation of two words: podróż and zbiór, based on a word pattern gwiazdozbiór (in English: constellation), here you can see the first clue – our logo is a star. So, the first word podróż means a travel, whereas the second one, zbiór means the collection.

If, by any chance, you find a nice translation of Podróżozbiór into English or any other language, let us know 🙂 We enjoy word formations!

Travelling educates, just as every day educates, so if the everyday teaches us something just as travelling does, then we travel every day. Is there a logic in it? The great one for us.

Each of us has wandered somewhere in the world before. We had a chance to see, feel, taste and get to know this and that.
Finding each other some time ago we have started experiencing together. And actually this is what our blog is about, smaller and bigger travels. We want to write about the things that interest and irritates us, writing about our little trips and great adventures, close and further destinations, musical, physical, mental and culinary travels.

We are happy that you are here! Feel welcome!

Gandzia i Piorun


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