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Anna Gandzia Majchrzak

Gadabout, professional dreamer, an English teacher by profession. Sewing, painting, cycling – that’s what she likes doing. A great fan of lager, dark chocolate and black&white analogue photography. At the films she records windows, doors, stripy patterns, while in her kitchen you can find the record of baked potatoes and asparaguses. She has swapped horse saddle for a bike one and warm Asia for a warm sleeping bag.

  • Wanderlust and curiosity to see the world: feels since ever,
  • Inspiration of the first trips: Kinga Choszcz,
  • She has set her foot in: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Portugal, Georgia, Romania, Croatia and some more,
  • Each tavel is: a lesson of culture and humility towards nature,
  • While travelling she likes: fortuity that leads into the most interesting corners,
  • While travelling she doesn’t like: hustle, grumbling and time pressure,
  • She doesn’t want to forget: that the most precious things in life are for free.


Native Poznań city inhabitant, he likes saving money, but not to stint, on food especially. Vegetarian; vegetable, red wine, till-the-morning-dance devotee. Wildlife guard by profession with the experience of metal industry as a lab assistant. He also likes metal music, not less than ethno or techno. In.correct dreamer, enthusiast of night walks and trees hugging.

  • Inspiration of the first trips: Sunday TV series read by Krystyna Czubówna,
  • He has set his foot or cycled in: Puszcza Zielonka, Drawsko Plain, the Bieszczady Mountains, Montenegro, Albania, Georgia, China, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Ireland and some more,
  • Each tavel is: a lesson of myself and others,
  • While travelling he likes: when it lasts, especially in the mountains,
  • While travelling he doesn’t like: grumbling, judging, lack of trees,
  • He doesn’t want to forget: about people met on the way, about laughing and smiling.


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