In preparations and during our trip to Japan and South Korea these companies support us:

Rowertour is a magazine that promotes various cycling activities and trips. It is also a patronage for our Asian adventure, not only because we are almost neighbours in the same city in Poland 🙂

Poznaj Świat, our second patronage. This monthly magazine allows the readers to follow the closer and further destinations seen from different perspectives.

One More Bike, a shop and bike service, a very familiar place for us. These guys know the thing about bikes; the machines from their service cycle around the world. We also have one bike mounted by them, the other one thoroughly checked. So off we cycle!

E-Pamir, an outdoor shop with clothes and equipment. Thanks to them we have entered the higher technological level and discovered that sleeping on a mat is passé, metal cutlery is heavy and quick drying towels dry really quickly.

Asgard, the owner of Blue Collection brand, has plenty of promotional gifts and items. We already have our Podróżozbiór brand gifts!

Hannah, Czech manufacturer of outdoor clothes and equipment. For us it is also a synonym of comfortable sleep and rest in our new portable house.

Milo, Polish manufacturer of outdoor and climibing clothes, not only for mountains enthusiasts. Sometimes we feel like getting rid of lycra and padded shorts 😉


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